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Loforo makes publishing as easy as tweeting or making a status update. Our powerful microblog features include:

  • Unlimited text, photo, and video publishing (free)
  • Public feeds: view everyone's posts for inspiration and get your posts seen by others within seconds
  • Reblog / repost: See something you like? Re-post it to your own blog
  • Public or Unlisted blogs: Choose the level of privacy for your site
  • Endless scrolling: Just keep scrolling to see more posts super fast
  • Likes and Comments: Visitors can give your post a thumbs-up or write you feedback in seconds
  • Social Follow: People can follow you to keep track of all your latest content
  • Notifications: Instantly know about any user activity (likes, comments, etc) on your site
  • Your Domain: Reserve your own web address at Loforo free

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